What Do You Want to Know About Our Services?

How Merchants Receive Orders?

You can easily manage & track food orders using Qraved for Business applications that are available on Google Play or App Store. You will get sign-in access after you've signed to join our services (Q-Delivery, Q-Takeaway, or Q-Dine In).

Why Should My Customers Choose Q-Delivery to Order my Food?

Q-Delivery is an accessible channel where your customers can easily order from a website or an app. The flexibility of various payment methods also become a plus to use our services. (Go-Pay, Bank Transfer or Credit Card)

How Much the Delivery Fee if Merchants Wants to Join?

The delivery fee only costs you 10% per transaction. Among other delivery platforms & services, we have the lowest delivery or MDR (Merchant Discount Rate).

Does Qraved have their Internal Drivers to Pick Up Food Orders?

No, we don't have it. But we're collaborating with third-party logistics to pick up your food orders & make sure your food is safe to deliver to your customers.

What Merchants Should Prepare to Join Q-Delivery?

First thing first, give us your data information in our website form & we'll get right back to you!


Second, make sure you have the complete assets information about your restaurant and compile all of your food photos & menu so we can immediately proceed with your Q-Delivery & restaurant landing page.

What Qraved Will Prepare If You're Joining with Q-Delivery?

Once you give us the complete assets (restaurant information, food photos & menu) we will prepare your Q-Delivery & restaurant landing page.


Also, we will set up a LinkTree for your Instagram page & prepare the Whatsapp for Business message template. This setup will help you to tackle every customer's order from every social media.


Last but not least, we will give you employee training to use Qraved for Business App and how you can easily track & receive orders.